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A good leader demonstrates a level of maturity and competence superior to his subordinates. Leaders who don't win internal credibility, won’t gain external notoriety for the achievements. This means, taking responsibility for communication and results, and holding yourself accountable. It is always good to ask yourself when your professional relationship with another person is weak “how have I contributed to the situation”?before blaming the other person.


Balancing Ego, Results and Relationships

It is important that there is a strong balance in the emphasis leaders place on relationships; particularly to senior executives, who expect accountability and results. When things get tough, it becomes easy to focus on avoiding tough honest conversations or simply be a people pleaser without actually ever doing anything. They key here is to recognise that external factors can also play on your level success and ultimately, your longevity in the company.


Integrity and Character

It's a simple human truth that if someone says they are going to do something and don't follow through with an action, we tend to lose respect and trust them less.Being authentic and staying true to your values, having the ability to know what is the right course of action in any given situation, is an immense challenge to leaders in all fields.



Leaders must start with themselves before creating the culture of performance and accountability through others. The fact that you never stop learning is an inner reflection of character. Recognising you may also be the source of knowledgefor others in the organisation and not forgetting, there is always something you can learn too.



Leaders get things done even with limited resources. In fact, it’s often a good question to ask yourself” what would happen if suddenly your company had a 30% reduction in budget? Would the culture remain unaffected, would you need to fire people? Would you be able to achieve your objectives? In fact, effective leaders always plan for such contingencies. Leaders with the right ability to manage are more likely to do what it takes to keep strengthening the organisation.



In an age where everything is about being focused on some “unique” aspect to the operations, mastery can be a great advantage and help you differentiate your leadership brand. Leaders who are worth their weight are authentic and pragmatic. They continue to improve on the sliding scale towards mastery by going deep in better understanding themselves, they easily recognise success triggers to help them deliver powerful results.

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